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Julián Escarpa - CEO Presentation

This is the way Sp-Berner is reinventing itself in order to overcome the crisis. Keys to success.

The time for important and deep changes has come: Revolution. Today we have to question everything and continuously redirect our strategies. We know that there is a lot at stake for us and that we have reached a very crucial stage where rapidity is a key element for Sp-Berner.

These are some of Sp-Berner’s challenges and strategies being undertaken in this year.

1. Redefine our future business strategy. Sp-Berner has decided to focus on Mercadona, maintaining its competitive advantages as the first national manufacturer of plastics injection.

2. Involve and seduce our entire workforce with our
Total Quality Business Model (MCT). For each one to believe in it, adopt it and commit him or herself to the requirements of its fulfilment. Everyone without exception.

3. Seek excellence as the only way to succeed. And that can be reached through:

1º Quality

2º Productivity (measure of efficiency)

4. Assume the
culture of effort, as today’s goal is to survive. Without effort there are no results, there are no objectives achieved. Without effort there is no success.

5. Pursue the important goals of:
innovation and technology. Because we are aware of the importance of continuing to invest a great deal, in order to be increasingly competitive and different.

6. Continue
the international leap forward. Already a reality with our factory in Suzhou (China).

7. 2011-2015
raw materials strategy: going to the origin of the raw materials, recycling plastic materials through high technologies and heavy investments, for materials such as PET, PS, PP and PE. Always seeking competitiveness and better prices for our clients and betting on ecology, the value of future.

8. Reorganize our production factories with new layouts and focus points:

1) more efficient or competitive

2) specialized by product

This is an important revolution we will experience in this 2011-2015 period of time.

9. Never give up the daily and
continuous improvement, doing the routine very well (10 do’s and don’ts) and the focusing on savings and costs (efficiency).

10. Keep on moving towards the
succession and continuity of Sp-Berner, guaranteed by the Family Business made up of the Escarpa Family and its Professionals.


Our Group

Sp-Berner, manufacturer of plastic products

With over 50 years of experience and a multinational presence, Sp-Berner has become a leading international group in the transformation of plastics.

Sp-Berner uses 3 plastic processing methods: injection, extrusion and thermoforming. It has four factories, three in Valencia (Spain), two in Aldaya and Chiva and another one in Suzhou (China).

Sp-Berner participates in every level of product development, from conceptual design to distribution, offering support throughout the project life through global solutions.


Productive Potential

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  • Our Group Headquarters
  • Main injection and thermoforming plant
  • Injection moulds manufacturing
  • Staff : 589 workers
  • 182 injection machines up to 2.500 Ton
  • Thermoformed disposable products manufacturing
  • Time and cost optimization

"Sp-Berner Plant" (Aldaya –Valencia - Spain)

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  • Brooms and handles factory with a production capacity of 30 million units per year.
  • Staff :130 workers
  • 2 PET monofilament extrusion lines.
  • 4 fully-automated lines for metal handles manufacturing.
  • 14 CNC inserter machines
  • 1 automated packaging robot

"Spalex Plant" (Chiva-Valencia-Spain)

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  • Recycling plant for different plastic materials
  • Staff: 69 workers
  • High technology washing line.
  • We produce Eco-friendly materials that respect the enviroment.

"Berner Plant" (Aldaya-Valencia-Spain)

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  • Injection and brushes plant.
  • Injection moulds manufacturing
  • Staff: 180 workers
  • 9 horizontal injection machines: (4x250T, 1x200T, 1x160T, 2x320T, 1x380T)
  • 12 horizontal injection machines: (12 x 60T)
  • 6 dental inserter machines foor toothbrushes
  • 3 cutting & rounding machines for toothbrushes

Sp-Berner Industrial LTD (China)



Our Customers