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Quality Certifications


Sp-Berner ensures the quality of all its products, evidenced by the following certifications:

  • Internal Quality System certified and accredited by AENOR.
  • Quality control standard: ISO9001: quality management.
  • Completion of regulations AIDIMA AIMPLAS, Intertek, SGS. ISO 9001:2008.
  • UNE-EN ISO 14001.


It also collaborates with several associations in the field of research and the world of plastic.

Quality Control / Quality Assurance

Sp-Berner, as a leader company in the plastic processing field, has a challenge: the continuous and constant innovation in product quality . Sp- Berner always seeks the highest quality in all its systems and is strongly committed to research and development.

The commitment and pursuit of excellence are the key to success of the company, commitment in tasks as the acquisition of raw materials, the final presentation to the consumer, the use of the latest technology in manufacturing processes...

This effort symbolizes the genuine commitment of all those involved in our manufacturing processes and development. It also has turned Sp-Berner into a leader in safety and innovation in the quality of their products. Sp-Berner has a highly qualified Quality Department which provides a professional and personalized service.

In Sp-Berner quality is based on the implementation of activities and programs in which all staff participates and is involved to one goal: to continuously improve and provide services to meet the complete society.

Sp-Berner meets strict and rigorous quality controls on raw materials, processes and finished products:

• In the laboratory and on-line ensures that the original materials are treated and recycled suitable for reuse.

• Automatic systems incorporated into the production line individually controlling the proper finish of the final product.


Sp-Berner, as a leader in the plastic processing industry, has a strong commitment in the field of research and innovation in the development of its products and production process.

R & D activities are one of the fundamental pillars of value chain in the Company policy.

In order to satisfy all of our customers, we have committed to become their technology partner and we always provide solutions with a high technological level.

Sp-Berner offers the latest technology in machining centers. It has its own machining facilities for the control and transformation of Plastic Raw Materials.

The professional profile of all members of the group ensures optimal results, verified daily by our customers and they are based on the application of comprehensive quality control, the use of advanced technologies throughout the production process and a commitment by the General Management of Sp-Berner regarding the reliability and quality of our products, as demonstrated by our more than 25 years in the industry and our responsible growth.

Sp-Berner offers innovative solutions to the technological and industrial challenges of our projects. It participates at all levels of product development in order to reduce processing costs.

From R&D&i to product testing, through communication and customer certification. We provide support throughout the whole life of the strategic projects through global solutions.