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Non-hazardous waste management

Waste assessment

Sp-Berner as a plastic products manufacturer not only complies with environmental regulations, but actively preserves the environment by recycling waste.

We have created a process for grinding and converting various non-hazardous plastic residues into raw materials and we use them in our production processes to create new products. This is a mechanism to protect the environment, avoiding the generation of residues and reducing consumption of raw materials.

Sp-Berner is authorized and registered in the General Register of Licenced Waste Managers of Valencia, with reference number 256/V/RNP/CV, for management operations, specifically Valuation R3, of the following non-hazardous waste:

LER Code


07 02 13

Plastic Waste

12 01 05

Plastic chippings and burr

15 01 02

Plastic container

16 01 19


19 12 04


20 01 39



Our logistics department is registered in the Administrative Register of Companies with the reference number 987/T/RNP/CV to perform transport operations of various non-hazardous plastic residues for third parties. We have a large fleet of vehicles authorized to perform these operations.