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Sp-Berner Business Model: Total Quality.

Sp-Berner human capital:

  • People are our most valuable asset.
  • They make the company be unique.
  • They are those who develop the differential value that our customers receive.


The Sp-Berner people have the Total Quality Business Model, which includes every aspect of the company and involves and engages all of us. With the Business Model we get to focus all our efforts and ideas towards total quality for doing the things right at the first try.

Each employee engaged in the business model seeks to satisfy their internal customer, which is the next link in the chain that brings the value to the customer. To achieve this goal, every day we take one more step towards continuous improvement.

Thanks to the passion that our people invest every day in everything they do, Sp-Berner grows and succeeds.


Sp-Berner offers:

  • The possibility of joining a growing company. We offer job stability after successfully passing the initial training period, and a quality job.
  • An opportunity for promotion and career development. The performance of each position is constantly evaluated for potential promotions and to encourage self-improvement. Our philosophy is the preference for internal promotion to fill vacant positions and the rotations of person – position.
  • To work surrounded by qualified professionals. We follow our motto of "right people in right positions" and we work on the professionalization of our staff, to provide with the best professionals in each of our departments.
  • An ongoing training program. Each worker is supported in their training for their professional and personal development. The annual training program for each position includes specific training in skills, specialized technical areas, prevention, safety and environment and training in business models.


Sp-Berner wants from you:

  • Your daily effort, assuming the responsibilities and functions of your job and worrying about doing your job well.
  • To be willing to be trained, to learn and to be proactive, as well as focused on achieving your goals and meeting dates.
  • To be customer-oriented , contributing with your work in the result that our customer receives.
  • Your commitment to work with caution, fulfilling the safety and security standards to prevent hazards and accidents.


  • First and foremost we are people, so respect all your colleagues and treat them politely, just how you would like them to treat you.